The FS020-5RM is an ultra-low noise frequency multiplier. A 5 MHz +13 dBm input signal is multiplied to provide an output at 10 MHz. The output is bandpass filtered to provide better than 50 dB of rejection for all spurious and harmonic signals. The ultra-low residual phase noise of the multiplier allows it to be used with state-of-the-art crystal frequency sources without degrading phase noise or environmental stability. The standard FS020-5RM comes in a standard 19 inch rackmount chassis and is designed to be powered by a 100 to 240 VAC mains source and/or an optional +12 to +36 VDC power source. The FS020-5RM can be ordered with one, two, or four 10 MHz outputs.

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  • 5 MHz input
  • Ultra-low phase noise:
    -143 dBc/Hz @ 1 Hz
    -170 dBc/Hz @ 1 kHz
    -176 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz
  • Very low spurious: -55 dBc
  • Frequency multiplication
  • Phase noise measurements
  • Reference frequency generation
  • Telecommunications standards

Product Name Input Frequency Standard Output
FS020-5RM5 MHz One output at 10 MHz
FS020-5RM OPT25 MHz Two outputs at 10 MHz
FS020-5RM OPT45 MHz Four outputs at 10 MHz
* Please note that required outputs need to be specified on purchase order
* Please add “-DC” to the part number for DC operation option.

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