The FD002-10 is a low noise frequency divider module which takes a sinewave input signal at 10 MHz and divides it down to a 5 MHz sinewave. This divider module has been designed to have ultra low residual phase noise and very high stability. The divider is temperature compensated to keep the overall delay temperature coefficient below 5 ps/K. The input level should be between +7 and +15 dBm. The provided output at 5 MHz will have a level in the range of +12 to +15 dBm. The output level does not scale linearly with the input. The DC voltage to operate the device is +9 VDC, 100 mA.

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  • Frequency division
  • Phase noise measurements
  • Reference frequency generation
  • Telecommunications standards

FD002-10-LT, Low temperature coefficient

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