cRb Clock

The cRb-Clock is the world’s first commercially available portable cold Rubidium microwave atomic clock. The clock is designed for high frequency stability in the short term of 8x10-13 /√τ and for excellent long term frequency stability of 3 x 10-15 at one day and less than 1 x 10-15 at 10 days. With this level of performance the cRb-Clock can be used as a substitute for Hydrogen masers. The cRb-Clock, does not require calibration since there is no long term frequency drift and has an accuracy of a few parts in 10-15.

  • Features
  • Applications
  • Excellent short term stability 8 x 10-13/√τ
  • Excellent long term stability 1 x 10-15
  • No long term frequency drift
  • Clock output at 100 MHz, 10 MHz and 5 MHz
  • 1 PPS output with synchronization
  • Ethernet monitor port
  • Small and portable
  • Atomic frequency standards
  • Atomic time scales
  • High performance testing facilities
  • Laboratory frequency standard
  • Trusted time in GPS denied environment
  • Astronomy
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