The FD020-2-100 is a high performance frequency divider module. The nominal input frequency is 100 MHz with a 10% bandwidth. The input level should be between +10 and +15 dBm. There are two outputs at 5 MHz and two outputs at 10 MHz with levels in the range of +12 to +15 dBm. The output levels do not scale linearly with the input levels. The FD020-2-100 module comes in a 5.125” X 4.0” X 1.1” aluminum enclosure. SMA input and output connectors are located on the front side of the module. A 20 pin card edge connector, used to supply DC power to the multiplier, is located on the back of the module.

  • Applications
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  • Frequency division
  • Phase noise measurements
  • Reference frequency generation
  • Telecommunications standards


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